See up to 150% more patients

A bloat free patient management system that helps opticians see more patients with teleoptometry.

Free patient management - Credit card not required

Patient Management + Teleoptometry

Manage patients data, appointments and recalls both offline and online. EB Video calls enables remote collection of visual acuity and eye data.

AI & Machine Learning to score eye conditions and predict recall likelihood.


IM with your optometry team and work together to close more deals

Patient data from online and offline exams combined with sales history.

Allow patients to book online and in person appointments easily

Call your patients directly from the Patient Management System with remote eye images and acuity tests.

Automate patient recalls via SMS or email after every appointment.

All your patient data in one place

Easily import contacts from any source and with our integrations ensure all your patient touch points are synced with the Patient Management System

Segment your patients easily


Analytics that help you improve

Tasks and To Do that automatically update



Get started today, for free!

What's included:
In-Person Appointments
Patient Management
Patient Recalls
Patient Records
Eye Exam
Booking Management
Analytics & Reports
Integration with GoogleCal / Outlook
GDPR & Data Security
2GB Data Storage
50 Appointments / Month
1 Location


Grow your team with 2 locations

What's included:
All FREE Features
Video Appointents
Prescreen data of patients eyes
Remote Visual Acuity Check
Remote Contact Lens Visual Acuity Check
Remote Glasses Visual Acuity Check
Strabismus & Amblyopia Remote Check
AMD Tracker
Remote Contact Lens Visual Acuity Check
50GB Data Storage
400 Appointments / Month
£0.95 per additional appointment
2 Locations


Unlimited secured data and 3 locations

What's included:
All Pro Features
Integration with sales data
Unlimited Data Storage
850 Appointments / month
+£0.85 per additional appointment
3 Locations


Unlimited everything

What's included:
All Premium Features
99.9% uptime SLA
1-on-1 Monthly Performance Call
Priority Phone, Chat and Email
Choice of Server Location
Audit Trail 
Unlimited Appointments
Unlimited Locations

See patients anywhere, anytime

With our simple Teleoptometry service, your optometry team is fully equipped to see patients even on the go. Smart notifications when key patients have an urgent issue. 


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1233 Reviews

Trusted by Opticians and Ophthalmologists serving individuals and compaines.

“We moved from pen & paper and excel files to Patient Care and it has been a game changer in making us far more efficient as a team.”



“It’s simplicity simply blows away the competition. Onboarding and getting started is a breeze”

Mai Monavar


“EB Teleoptometry allows for booking of Optometrists in different locations remotely, seamlessly. It's a fully fledged workforce management tool."


Tech Innovator

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We have designed the leading patient management system that incorporates remote eyetests coupled with offline eye exam data collection. Fully digitise your practise with Teleoptometry today.

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