Eyebou transforms your services and products into
incredible digital, remote first experiences. 

EHR and Patient Management 

Ultimate Electronic Health Records management system for eye care, enabling remote and in person patient management. Start offering your patients teleoptometry for remote eye checks, visual acuity, strabismus & amblyopia and more. 

Segment your patients easily


Analytics that help you improve

Optician workforce management and payroll

Virtual and Social Try-On

Enable virtual try-on for your website where users can shop with up to 8 friends in real time. Trying on products with others have never been this easy or fun. Installing it on your website is even easer and we'll make the 3D Models for your products too. 


Meet your customers online and in person. Screen your patients vision before an appointment so you know what they need. Manage your availability, schedule and client information from one portal. Charge for appointments and receive payments online to reduce patient cancellations. 

Video call patients seamlessly
Examine patients visual acuity and eye images 
Check patients for strabismus and amblyopia
Renew prescriptions online

Digitize and grow your business today.